$0.05/per record


receive a list from an expansive database covering more than 150 million properties nationwide. We can customize a lead generation strategy based on factors that are accurate to your specific needs, be it property type or loan-to-value ratios.
$0.05 per record
2 business day turn around time
$0.07/per search


Each record searched comes in at $0.07 we receive up to a 80% match rate. Pick and choose the vital information that suits your needs. We can also produce emails at $.05 per search we receive on average a 25-50% match rate on emails.
$.07 per search
2 business day turn around time
$60 starting at


By using our patented multi-touch algorithm we take standard cold calling techniques and turn them into faster, more efficient, and more reliable calls that build relationships and lead to warm, effective results.
$60-$120/250 dials
$100-$200/500 dials
$375-$750/2000 dials (weekly only)