Pricing and Ordering


$0.05/ per record

$0.05 per record
Absentees Lists for Sellers
Cash Buyers Lists for Buyers
Less than 24 hour turn around time
FB Ad Service


Target Buyers and Sellers
Leverage our Experience
We create and manage ads
Minimum $250/week ad spend budget alone

$0.07 / per search

Only 1 Best Phone Number Provided
Average Match Rate is 50 to 80%
Accuracy Rate of 70% on all Matches
Less than 24 hour turn around time

Starting at $60.00

American Cold Callers Starting at $120
Foreign Cold Callers Starting at $60
Lead Delivered INSTANTLY via Email
Dialer, Scripts and Training Provided
Managed SMS

$60 / 500 text messages

Send 500 text messages to potential leads
We follow up until it becomes a lead
Average 2 to 5 leads per 500 text messages