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Franchise our Business Model

$ 22,000 No Royalties, Low Overhead
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Franchisee Payment Plan

$ 15,000 +$1000/mo for 7months
  • Leverage your Real Estate Network
  • Create your OWN PROFITABLE Call Center
  • Have a COMPLETE Cold Calling Profit Center
  • Do things the RIGHT WAY, the FIRST TIME

KPI Coaching & Consulting

$ 12,000 4 Months of Consulting
  • Weekly Coaching/Consulting Calls
  • Learn from the best in the industry
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  • Stop Burning through Leads and Start Converting them

One on One Coaching and Training

Train YOUR
Cold Callers

$ 500 Per Employee Trained
  • Use our PROVEN Hiring Process to PROFIT
  • We teach everything from tone to notetaking
  • Our system is PROVEN to get Results
  • We can even Provide the Dialer and ongoing development

System Creation Coaching Call

$ 300 Per Hour/Solution
  • Have an employee or process that is struggling?
  • You Need a System that will last a LIFETIME
  • Streamline your Operations
  • Results Guaranteed

Tough Conversation Coaching Call

$ 250 Per Hour/Solution
  • Have a tough talk coming up? Let me help
  • Nicholas specializes in conflict resolution
  • Find the best words to solve the worst problems
  • Result Guaranteed
Lead Mining

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Over 3 Years in Business 

Over 3 Million Cold Calls Made

Cold Calling Course
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