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Lead Mining 

An All-American Lead Generation Team


Cold calling is one of the most challenging aspects of building your business, often because it's extremely hard to receive consistent rejection and still have a great attitude.

That’s why we here at Lead Mining are not only one of the fastest-growing lead generation teams in the business, we’re setting the standard for what it means to engage potential clients and establish common ground instantly.

As the nation’s leading All-American Cold Calling and Lead Generation Team, our team consists of men and women who live and work right next to your target audience.

That means you’re relying on a team staffed by people who are on the time schedule, use the same vernacular, and understand that needs and problems of the people on the other end of the line more intuitively.

In fact, our highly motivated team currently serves more than 60 clients a week and capture leads at an astounding 7 to 11 percent of the time, that is over 200 leads per week—which means we’re gaining leads faster and more efficiently than anyone.

Through our services, list pulling of absentees and vacants, skip tracing for phone numbers, and then our cold-calling services, we’ve generated a plethora of deals for our clients with affordable rates and unbeatable consistency.

For reference, our Skiptrace service is the most affordable option out there at just .07 cents per search. And we have an average match rate of 50 to 70 percent with phone numbers at a very accurate 70 percent each time!

As far as investments go, it’s one of the smartest avenues for any growing business. Think about it like this: skip tracing a list of 1000 records only costs $70! A fraction of what our competitors charge and with half the depth.

More importantly, the information we provide is accurate, suits your specific needs, and isn’t inundated with data that doesn’t pertain to your goals.

When you’re looking to partner with a trusted team of professionals who care about your goals, always ensure you make the right impression, and can truly advance your lead generation goals, look no further than Lead Mining.



What's Next...

Whether you’re looking for a total, hands-free growth strategy or you’d like to train and learn how to implement these strategies yourself, contact us today and let us help you grow a stronger, more sustainable business with consistent leads each and every day.